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Maine Summer Camps in Maine's Lakes & Mountain Region
Maine Summer Camps

Maine Summer Camps

Children grow, learn and explore at Maine Summer Camps!
Don't want your child glued to a screen all summer? Consider one of the many short or long-session summer camps in Maine. In addition to the many benefits of community, independence and character building, a Maine summer camp will bestow on your child a love of the great outdoors. The State of Maine has over 100 summer camps. Your child's summer days will be filled with hiking, kayaking, swimming and learning about nature or may include archery, drama, boating and horseback riding or, rather than an adventure camp, you may consider the specialty camps for music or sports just to name just a couple. The evenings are filled with comradery, smores and stories around a fire. Some of the best Maine summer camp options are located in the Greater Lakes Bridgton Region and Noble House Inn is the ideal place to stay during drop off, pick up and visitation day! To get you started, we have created a list of just a few of the summer camps near the Noble House Inn.

Fernwood Cove 
Maine's first half-season all girls summer camp, this camp's goal is to provides today's girl with the ultimate sleep away camp experience. Campers gain valuable 21st Century Skills through a traditional 3½ week residential camp program. Fernwood Cove is located in Harrison Maine, only 9.5 miles from the Inn.

Camp Skylemar
Camp Skylemar, a boys sports camp, is located on Trickey Pond and surrounded by 200 acres of spectacular woods. There are athletic fields, different workshops, spacious cabins and large indoor facilities for rainy days. Skylemar has been welcoming campers for over 65 years. They have a dedicated staff and strive to give your child the tools to be successful in life. Camp Skylemar is located 11 miles from the Noble House Inn, making drop off and pick up easy and convenient.

Camp Tapawingo
Camp Tapawingo is a small summer camp where girls can spend their days in an encouraging environment of play, learning, companionship, and fresh air. Tapawingo strives to make their campers true leaders, friends and develop a better understanding of themselves. Tapawingo sits on the shores of Keyes Pond and the 200 acres of woods, fields and sandy beaches overlook Mt. Washington and the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the west. Tapawingo is located in Sweden Maine, just 10 miles from the Inn.

Camp Walden
Camp Walden is another girls camp which boasts multigenerational alumni. This camp focuses on teaching leadership through modeling. Younger campers learn skills from older campers through friendships, team sports and activities. Camp Walden is located in Denmark Maine, only 10 miles from the Inn.

Camp Wigwam
Camp Wigwam, a boys camp located on the shores of Bear Lake in Waterford, Maine, was founded in 1910. Each day spent at Wigwam is different and may include playing basketball, soccer, going for a sail with a friend, fencing, a tennis match, a morning at the driving range or an afternoon at one of our local golf courses, waterskiing or exploring the more creative side in ceramics, arts and crafts, sewing or rocketry. Camp Wigwam is located in Waterford Maine, 8.9 miles from the Inn.

Camp Wildwood
Located right in Bridgton Maine, Camp Wildwood uses a well-rounded approach to the summer camp experience. There are team sports, individual sports, water activities and creative activities. Campers enjoy lakeside comfortable bunks that have electricity but are screen free. Wildwood is known as a safe and nurturing place for boys to become confident. This camp is the closest to the Inn and only 3.6 miles away.
As you peruse each of these Maine summer camps online, you will see that they are unique, just like your child. We enjoy meeting the parents that drop off, pick up and visit their children at all of these camps. Dropping a child off for the first time can be stressful for any parent. We are pleased to welcome you back to the Noble House inn to decompress and relax. We are confident that you will be comforted by knowing that giving your child the Maine summer camp experience is priceless.

Camp Wyonegonic
Camp Wyonegonic is the oldest girls camp in Maine and for many, is a family tradition! With over 700 acres of pine forest and 2 miles of shoreline, Camp Wyonegonic is the perfect summer destination for your daughter. The camp's philosophy includes encouraging independent thinking, creating friendships and fostering a love of the outdoors. Located in nearby Denmark Maine, this camp is only 8.5 miles from the Inn.

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Great Place to Stay in Bridgton Maine During Pick Up, Drop Off or Visitation. 
The Noble House Inn is ideal any time of year. The casual luxury and great location make the Noble House Inn a wonderful getaway. Enjoy charming guest rooms with comfortable furnishings while visiting the beautiful Mountain and Lakes Region of Maine. The Inn continues to serve it's famous wicked-good breakfast, but due to Covid-19, breakfast is now provided in a to-go bag ready to enjoy where you choose.